Information Systems Group

  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Draheim dirk dot draheim at taltech dot ee  
  • Prof. Dr. Jaak Tepandi jaak dot tepandi at taltech dot ee
  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Erki Eessaar erki dot eessaar at taltech dot ee
  • Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Enn Õunapuu enn dot ounapuu at taltech dot ee


The Taltech Information Systems Group conducts research in large- and ultra-large-scale IT systems. We investigate the architecture, design, realization and management of IT system landscapes, high-volume data-intensive systems, high-volume workflow-intensive systems, massively resource-intensive systems, highly distributed systems. In particular, we investigate the next generation of digital government technologies and digital government ecosystems.

We are engaged into education with the International Study Programme on e-Governance Technologies and Services and the Study Programme Business Information Technology.

Together with our partners from industry, academia and the public sector we strive for excellent solutions for non-standard, mission-critical IT system problems.