• Virumaa College of TUT in facts

    • Applied Higher Education on 6 specialties, 1 specialty in Master degree;
    • graduates get Diploma of Tallinn University of Technology;
    • graduates can continue  master's/doctoral studies at any university;
    • languages of teaching are Estonian, English and Russian;
    • admission is carried out on the basis of the average grade  of the secondary education certificate;
    • exchange studies and internship/placement by Erasmus programme.


Estonia in facts

Official name: Republic of Estonia
Territory: 45 227 кm2
Membership: European Union, Schengen area
Population: 1 286 540
Official language: Estonian
Capital: Tallinn
Currency: EUR
Estonian inventions: Skype, Kazaa, miniature camera Minox, Schmidt's telescope, Erply, GrabCAD, Fortumo, ZeroTurnaround, Fits.me, Now!Innovations
Natural minerals: Oil shale, Peat, Phosphorite, Clay, Limestone, Sand, Dolomite